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Interview questions

Being that my mother is the main person that cooks for me I decided to interview her.

1. What did I hate eating when i was younger?

My mother said she hat eating pees because they had a bad taste to them.

2. What is your favorite meal to eat?

My mother said her favorite meal to eat is banana pudding.

3. What did your parents cook?

My mothers parents said they cooked a lot of food but one thing she could most remember was her father making peach cobbler .

4. Do you wish you made more of something?

My mother was at a party and she made pound cake everyone liked it and she wished she would have made more.

5. When did you start cooking?

My mother said she started cooking at the age of eleven

6. Do you enjoy cooking, or do you do it because you have to?

My mother said she enjoys cooking because she’s been doing it her whole life

7. If you could have any meal (last supper) what would it be?

My mother said her last meal would be a home cooked meal by her father

8. How many times do you cook out of the week?

My mother said she cooks 4 times out of the week

9. How do you rate yourself as a cook?

My mother said she rates herself as a alright cook but I think she is a great cook.

10. Do you like to eat other people’s food?

She said she love to eat other people food because she get’s good ideas


Trip to the Mission

  Taking a field trip to Mission Street in San Francisco was so fun. My classmates and I learned a lot about the Latin culture and the food they eat. First, when we got there we stopped by the oldest bakery and got to learn how they make their pastries. It was pretty cool because most of the pastries have different colors to them so it was pretty cool learning how they add the color to them. Other places we visited were local food places that are popular on Mission St. I ate tacos and other types of food that was really good. One part about the trip that stood out to me the most was walking down Balmy Alley and seeing the painting on the walls because each and everyone of them were of important things that happened in the world and also of things that are going on in the world today. So just walking down Balmy Alley was the best part of the trip to me. Overall I enjoyed myself at the Mission it gave me a god incite on the Latin history and I will go back to visit again.

Chopped Assignment

Trying to make my own dish using the ingredients I randomly picked wasn’t hard for me at all. My three ingredients were Almond Joy, habanero pepper and cream cheese. I remember my mother making a fruit cocktail she usually makes this dish in the summer because it’s hot and is cold when you serve it. So taking my three ingredients I thought about making a fruit cocktail. Taking the same steps that my mother uses to make her fruit cocktail it wasn’t hard to make it. One thing I was worried about was the habanero because I didn’t want to make the dish too spicy to eat because fruit isn’t suppose to be spicy. At the end of it all, the fruit cocktail came out perfect and being that I had to add the habanero, you really couldn’t taste it until after you ate the whole thing. If I have a question about making food I always ask my mother because she is a really good cook and could cook almost everything. I’m glad I called her and asked her to walk me through the steps because my fruit cocktail came out perfect.

Most Memorable Meal


The most memorable meal for me had to be when I ate at a Middle Eastern restaurant. I went with my mother, father and brother. My father told my brother and I the food was great and that we would like it. So we went to the restaurant and at this place you had to serve yourself so as I my brother and I walk towards the food our noises started to burn reason being is because the food was so spicy. So we thought to ourselves it shouldn’t be that bad so we tried it and after the first bite we told each other we would never eat Middle Eastern food again. Everything there was spicy I couldn’t enjoy anything but the bread. That was the most memorable meal ever because it was so bad.


 I love eating hard boiled eggs. I grew up eating them my mother when make them all of the time for my brother and sisters. One reason I love eating them is because they are good for you and you can eat them anytime of the day. If I’m running late my mother would have a couple of hard boiled eggs ready for us when we were walking out of the door. I get frustrated when trying to take off the shell because I don’t what to mess up the egg so I have to take my time in doing it. I like putting salt and pepper on my hard-boiled egg  just to give it some taste and once every blue moon I might put some hot sauce of them. I’m glad my mother made me hard boiled eggs because it’s something I will never get tired of eating.


 I’ve visited San Francisco so many times in my life to see family hangout at certain places but never have I been to China Town. China Town was very interesting I got to learn most of the background is hide it all for example the year Chinese first came to San Francisco the places they lived in and what they did to survive. Going to different stores and trying their food was a good experience for me because I got to kind of get out of my comfort zone being that I only like certain foods but trying their food wasn’t bad a lot. One thing I remembering eating was a Ham & Cheese sandwich it was the best Ham & Cheese sandwich I ever had. Something I remember our tour guide say was about small food places you could go to eat which are called in China Town “holes in the wall.” These places have really good food and are cheaper to eat at. Being in China Town kind of gave me a reality check because those people had to work very hard to get where they are now and to me a person who was blessed to have everything I need made me really grateful. Overall the whole experience learning the history of China Town and eating their food.

I love when Christmas comes around because you get to be around the family open presents and eat a lot of food. Opening presents is not the big part or me on Christmas the eating part is the best. One thing I do love is my mothers apple pie. She makes it all from scratch from the crust to cutting up all the apples. The smell of all the apples makes you so excited and your mouth gets watery. Sometimes while my mom is making the pie I would go in the kitchen and start eating the apples I never knew why I did that I guess you can say I was getting myself prepared for the real thing. Once its done I don’t waste no time I go straight to the apple before I grab my plate of food because I don’t want anyone taking my slice of apple pie. To top off the apple pie I put vanilla ice cream on it. If I had the chance to have my mothers apple pie after every dinner I would Oh how I love my mothers apple pie.